DribbleDry T-Shirt

A Revolution in Baby & Toddler Wear

DribbleDry is uniquely designed to be an all-in-one solution to address the common problem of dribbling!

Using DribbleDry’s Patented design & fabrics *cough cough*, each Baby Grow and T-Shirt has a fully integrated dribble absorbent chest area, which is designed to keep your little one dry all day – without the need for a dribble bib!

P.S. we also decided a put our ingenious formula into a bib, which created our superior DribbleDry Bib …good news for all you bib lovers out there!

The DribbleDry Product Range

dribbledry t-shirt

DribbleDry T-Shirt


DribbleDry Baby Grow


DribbleDry Bib

DribbleDry Bib