A revolution in baby wear

As we all know, babies will dribble and drool at some point in their early years. This can become worse due to teething as they will naturally produce more saliva at this time. It’s all perfectly normal and nothing to worry about however, saliva can cause dribble rash around the baby’s delicate chest area as dribble contains digestive enzymes that can irritate the baby’s skin. Dribble can also soak the baby’s clothing around the chest area. This isn’t comfortable for the baby, can cause dribble rash and soggy clothing doesn’t look great either and results in multiple outfit changes!

There are many bibs and creams on the market today to help deal with dribble but as a mum, whatever I bought for my teething tot just didn’t work that well! The bibs weren’t absorbent enough, they looked messy and always looked wet, the supposed waterproof backing also cracked in time with washing and they needed changing frequently throughout the day. After many years of research, I found all of the above to be common complaints from concerned parents.