DribbleDry Baby Grow Review

I put Oliver in the 12-18mth baby grow after his bath all ready for bed, he is dribbling an awful lot at the minute due to teething and the baby grow didn’t look wet or feel wet what so ever, I then gave him a bottle which usually soaks the bib as he tends to spit some out and nothing, it was dry.

I left the baby grow on Oliver until mid-morning the next day and I can honestly say it was fantastic, we would have usually had 4 changes of bibs and I didn’t have to change him once. His skin was lovely and dry. This is a big thing for me as Oliver suffers from eczema and if his chest gets wet for a long time he flares up, over all I’m 100 percent happy with the product I would definitely buy one and I would definitely recommend others to buy it too.

I wish I would have known about the bibs months ago as it would have saved me a lot of time on the washing! Since I have washed the baby grow it has come out of the wash lovely and soft still, Overall 10/10!!’

Sarah O’Neil and little Oliver.