DribbleDry Baby Grow

Each DribbleDry Baby Grow has an innovative fully integrated dribble absorbent chest area, which is designed to hygienically absorb dribble all day!

Key benefits of our DribbleDry Baby Grow:

▪ 60% more absorbent than cotton

▪ Superb wicking properties so the garment stays looking dry

▪ No dribble bib needed

▪ Waterproof using the highest quality fabric

▪ Snug fit around the baby’s neck helping to prevent dribble rash and soreness

▪ Contains natural antibacterial and odourless properties

▪ Machine-washable and tumble dry friendly!

How DribbleDry Works

Our DribbleDry Baby Grow and T-Shirt have an innovative dribble absorbent chest section that is made up of well researched materials and is completely integrated!

The unique wicking properties of the absorbent section will take the dribble swiftly away to the super absorbent layer beneath, leaving the top looking dry unlike conventional cotton garments!

The neckline is soft, and the chest area is waterproof to help minimise dribble rash and soreness on the delicate chest area.

The absorbent layer has natural antibacterial and odourless properties.

Of course, we also used this clever idea to create our DribbleDry Bib  …for all you bib lovers!

DribbleDry is designed to help parents too!

Less changing throughout the day just!

More room in your changing bag and less washing!

No need for a dribble bib over our garments …keeping it simple!

Machine washable and tumble dry friendly

And most importantly, a dry comfortable baby!

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