“Thank you for this fantastic bib. Kaela normally gets milk all down her neck and dribbles every where as she is teething. I love it. It’s absorbant, odour free, soft and comfortable. Also she usually screams when you wipe her mouth but she loves the bib and best thing is 11m not using a pack of bibs a day. Great investment.

One request can you please also do some Muslim type squares. Also sent bounty and email with how fantastic your product is so they can spread the word to other mums.xx”

“Joseph and I are about to head out for lunch with a friend, thank goodness to @dribbledry for saving Joseph’s outfit. I seriously underestimated just how much a baby dribbles?? How did I not know this . Are there any other mummy’s out there using Dribble Dry ? How are you finding yours? We love ours, Joseph is so dry and comfy all the time X X #baby #babyboy”

“Well our @dribbledry tshirt was a success. This little dude dribbled throughout baby yoga, on a walk and with his poorly cough at the moment he’s dribbling even more than usual and he stayed dry with no need for an outfit or bib change! I was very impressed A lady at baby yoga wanted one too for her dribbly little girl so I told her about the bibs and babygrows too. #dribbledry #dribblebib”

“Corey wearing his bib from @dribbledry – 100% the best bib ever & it matches all his outfits too! No more going through 10 bibs a day , this one stays dry all day despite all the dribble & milk”

“Sorry about the messy bib just had tea 101… Ayla has been in her bib allday.. im so pleased with this buy.. i havent had to change it at all.. normally i would have changed her bib at least 3 times already… really happy with it and as you can see so is ayla… on top of that clothes under neath are bone dry… thank you so much…. i have a happy baby xxxx ”

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