What They’re Saying…..

Michelle Allen – “Thank you for this fantastic bib. Kaela normally gets milk all down her neck and dribbles every where as she is teething. I love it. It’s absorbent, odour free, soft and comfortable. Also she usually screams when you wipe her mouth but she loves the bib and best thing is I’m not using a pack of bibs a day. Great investment.” xx

@Imogen_Thomas – “Here’s the princess home sweet home all relaxed in her new @dribbledry so happy with this babygrow”

@darcydaniel15 – “The best invention ever… my sons chest is now dry all the time thanks @dribbledry. No more sore chest and chin”

@stephanie.fx – “The prince in his @dribbledry bib! Thank you …. Kept him dry all day for the wedding”

@harlenbodhiwhite – “This dribble baby grow has come just in time from @dribbledry My little man doesn’t stop dribbling and up until now he’s been soaking all his clothes and bibs. This baby grow has a built in bib and has kept him dry all day today!”

@stephtruman – “Corey wearing his bib from @dribbledry – 100% the best bib ever & it matches all his outfits too! No more going through 10 bibs a day , this one stays dry all day despite all the dribble & milk”

Amy Harris – “Cannot recommend DribbleDry products enough! No need to constantly change her bibs as this lasts all day, love that its cream as it goes with nearly all her outfits!! Cant wait to try the baby grow! Thank you”

Stephanie Andrews – “So so happy & relieved to have come across DribbleDry! The products are amazing you have to try them to see exactly how amazing they really are! The bib is super soft and super absorbent and lasts all day. 100% recommend these products!!”

Paige Couzens – “I just want to say how thrilled I am to have discovered the DribbleDry range, my 3 month old baby boy Noah has hit the stage where he’s constantly got his hands in his mouth and is dribbling everywhere and just when I thought I’d be forever changing his bibs and clothes every day, the super absorbent DribbleDry products come and change everything! I can honestly say they’re 10/10 excellent and do exactly what they’re meant to do – keep babies clean, dry and free of dribble rash! Noah’s bib lasts all day without being changed and I love it SO much I’ve invested in more so that I’m never without them when others are in the wash! His baby grow is equally as fantastic, the built in dribble bib is genius and means he doesn’t need to wear another bib on top, plus I just LOVE the colour and design of it, perfectly neutral for both boys and girls and anything with stars on is a winner in my eyes! Thank you so much DribbleDry for introducing such game changing products to the market, every mum should be investing! I couldn’t ever be without them!

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